First C# App Tutorial (Windows Form)


I’m gonna introduce the procedure to make simple Windows Form app with C#.

Start Visual Studio and make Project
Start Visual Studio.

At first, make a new project. Click [Project] menu from [New] of [File] menu.

[New Project] dialog will be shown. Select installed [Visual C#] node from left-side template area. Then, select [WPF App(.NET Framework)].

Write project title into text box [Name] below.  This time, I’m gonna name it FirstApp. Designate the directory which stores the whole project file into [Location].  Then, decide the solution name and put it into [Solution name]. Normally it is the same one as project name. Finally, select the latest framework from [Framework]. After everything is done, click [OK] button.

New project will be created and the form will be shown like this picture below.

Edit Form, arrange the controls
Resize the created form. Put the mouse pointer with white points on the edge of the form, then drag it to resize the form.

Next, arrange the Textbox, one of control components which compose the application, to the form. Select the textbox from toolbox on the left side and click it.
If toolbox is not shown, make the toolbox available by selecting view->Toolbox or Ctrl+Alt+X.

Tool box will be fixed by clicking the [pin] icon next to [×] icon.

Select the textbox in the toolbox, and drag and drop it into form to arrange it. Arrange 3 textboxes like the picture below.

Then, arrange [Button] control into form. Select [Button] control from toolbox on the left side and click it.

Drag and drop [Button] control into form. The control will be attached in form.

Arrange 4 button controls in form.